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In-person Workshops

.....When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone

else hold the pen.

The presence and love they have for each other

and humanity is palpable. 

Their love and truth is magnetizing!


   12 Senses Workshop
     Next workshop to be announced!

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Fully Live Workshops (Next Workshop To Be Announced)

In this 4 day experience, you will gain proficiency with our powers of  observation and synthesis. Using principles coherent with ancient wisdoms and modern scientific models, we will

see that from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxies, there’s an operating system that works and

its application is as relevant to transforming business, causes, and communities, as it is to the transformation of the individual living each day.              

Do you know who you are and why you’re here?

  • What are the stories that are running your life?

  • Who are they serving?

  • Are your ‘friends & family’ enriching your life or sucking it dry?

  • Can you remember your last imagination?

  • Where do you start to understand the limitless possibilities of the Universe?


Well - it’s as basic as magnetism and light; as effortless as breathing; and as powerful as the birth of a star. Are you ready to unleash your essence and step into your purpose in the Universe?





What if in 16 hours you were given the instruction manual on how to operate in harmony

with the

universe and not only survive these times but thrive...


Over the course of 2 days, you’re going to take a journey through the quantum mechanics

of the Universe and at the other end, you’ll be equipped to use immutable forces to manifest

your life’s purpose. 

Using his unique perspectives from science, business, and large-scale social transformation,

David & Kim will take you on a journey unlike any other. 

You’ll be challenged. 

You’ll be offended. 

You’ll be thrilled. 

And most of all, in the end, 

You’ll be AWAKE!

Breathing Enterprise Workshops. (Next Workshop To Be Announced)

Jam Cookies

From the moment I arrived,

I was greeted with love & kindness

and could feel the care that was put into every part

of the weekend. From the set up of the room down to the snacks & food, every area was sprinkled with a lot of heart and love.

It reminded me of a saying I heard years ago

"caring is in the details." 

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