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The Breathing Enterprise Workshop!


You carry within you the majesty of the Universe and if you’re like most, you’ve forgotten that.  Using the most evident system of the Universe – the process by which we breathe and plants grow – you’ll learn to build your life and actions on a system that is guaranteed to work…forever. 

It’s as easy as BREATHING!

Great News…You don’t need “Improvement”! 

Over the course of 2 days, you’re going to take a journey through the quantum mechanics of the Universe and at the other end, you’ll be equipped to use immutable forces to manifest your life’s purpose. 

Using his unique perspectives from science, business, and large-scale social transformation, David & Kim will take you on a journey unlike any other. 

You’ll be challenged. 

You’ll be offended. 

You’ll be thrilled. 

And most of all, in the end, 

You’ll be AWAKE!


Day One: Immutable Universe 

  • We are going to go into the mechanics of how the sun actually works.  By understanding Light and Magnetism, we’ll begin playing with the key that will unlock the wisdom of nature in each of us.  Our learning will be aided by the coolest toys ever!  So get ready to play!

  • Once we’ve unlock the core principles of how the Universe works, we’ll start working on perception – moving from 3D to 6D in just one day.  We’ll develop insights and skills on moving from a scarcity and survival illusion to an abundant and thriving reality. 

  • Using the Integral Audit process and learning the mysteries of Integral Accountability, alchemical wormholes, ordinates, and state coherence, you’ll develop powers of observation beyond the conventional senses and you’ll be capable of seeing the wealth that exists all around you. This day will test you!  Honesty, transparency, and integrity are your friend, but you’ll encounter places where you wish they’d cut you some slack.


Day Two: Breathing Enterprise

  • You are a steward of the abundance of matter and energy in your ecosystem.  Now it’s time to polarize and energize that abundance and deploy it so that your life’s purpose can be unleashed.  Together we’ll journey into full accountability for who we are and how we show up. 

  • Now that you have a clear picture of the who and the what about YOUR purpose, it’s time to breathe life into the enterprise of life.  Using your personal development, relationships, careers, businesses or social movements, we’ll complete our journey with manifestation of your Breathing Enterprise.             

  • Using principles of the biochemistry and physics of life, you’ll learn to build systems that are persistent, generative and are aligned with your Purpose

The Breathing Enterprise Workshop : Is a 2-day intensive experience,

adapted from the Graduate Business School curriculum that David Martin

has taught around the world.


Having just completed the course and having time to reflect on what I learned , I am truly GRATFUL to say the least. David gave me a very important mental TOOL that had been missing in my awareness.

Like everyone else I had been carrying some unfinished business with me in my life in the form of EMOTIONAL TOXINS AND FAILURES. David’s course not only allowed me to figure out what these were by bringing them to my consciousness, but enabled me to DIGEST, PROCESS, FORGIVE, and MOVE FORWARD instead of reacting, repeating and revisiting them over and over again.

This tool is invaluable and can be used by everyone on any level of a relationship be it personal or professional. It is truly unique and profound. I totally recommend the course to anyone who is in the never ending process of figuring out life and their relationship to the cosmos. XXXXXOOOOOXXXXOOO, Dot

Together, David and Kim offer a path to remembering what it is to be fully human. This workshop isn't so much about personal flourishing (or personal development) as it is about understanding the nature of life itself, which requires an "us" to flourish. I signed up for the Fully Live workshop purely on intuition and had no idea what to expect. What happened during our time together feels hard to put into words.

After leaving, this is what lingers in my awareness: the seeds of wisdom planted there need darkness to germinate, and through the honoring of the season of darkness can become trees of knowledge. In this way, I sense that my time with this group will continue offering its wisdoms for the rest of my life, moving through me to serve a greater purpose in who and what surrounds me. If you feel the spark of "YES" to attend, follow it. With any luck you'll feel deeply connected, confused, triggered, honored and ultimately resonant with the speed of life. 

I feel a surge of vitality inside, and for that - an abundance of gratitude. Elisha


David's teaching kept me engaged, interested, on the edge of my seat AND wanting MORE! I loved learning and hearing his personal stories he wove into his teaching. He teaches with passion, creativity, FUN, humor, and was NEVER boring!!! Ever. He is hands down one of the best teachers I have ever sat under. Carla

David's magnificent brain and his career working in the world of what we currently term "science" combined with the experience of living with indigenous cultures around the world, pack the weekend.  You leave with your basic starter pack on how to go through a process and start (or continue) empowering yourself to work in direct connection with Nature.  Combine that with powerhouse heart centered, authentic Kim, who tirelessly worked to prepare their beautiful home with home made snacks, workbooks and wise woman wisdom and you have a workshop that definitely has the Butterfly effect.  As an added bonus - you are reminded in a very real and pragmatic way - what an absolute miracle living this life is and how the key is you.  I am grateful that I followed my hunch and know that I too will help to create a Butterfly effect of my own, flavored with David & Kim's creation.  Susan.

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