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16th- 19th April 2021....

Charlottesville! RSVP on the 'Home page'

What We Bring

Kim and David Martin Fully Live. 

From  their meeting in a volcano

in Antarctica to their relentless pursuit of putting humanity back into humans, their passion and dedication

is contagious. 

Bringing decades of global business, relationship, and authentic personal experience to each engagement,

there’s no environment into

which their perspective cannot offer

transformative effect.


  • Who are you?

  • What are the stories that are running your life?

  • Who are they serving?

  • Are your ‘friends & family’ enriching your life or sucking it dry?

  • Can you remember your last imagination?

  • Where do you start to understand the limitless possibilities of the Universe?

We help you    unravel these questions.....

Discard the stories that have enslaved you to the illusions of others and

reclaim your life!

What Others Are Saying....

I met Kim Martin in 2015 and was very quickly drawn to her incredible energy. 

I was struggling with  low self-esteem and  self-confidence  and

Kim helped me lift my game to a level where I was able to turn this around, start believing in myself, be the best version of me and even make speeches in front of small crowds, which was huge for me. Kim has an infectious, sparkling energy that inspires and rubs off, and this combined with her extensive experience in helping people lift their game to a soul changing level makes Kim a sought after gem. Her positive attitude is worth gold. (Lilian Wales)

"Know Thyself"!

Do you know who you are and why you are here? 

Are you ready to Fully Live!

The Outcome

Fully Lives' primary aim is to work with people who seek to -

  • Discover and get real clarity on what is important to them in life

  • Find a deeper meaning and fulfillment

  • Overcome any blocks that may be keeping them from being fully happy and at peace.                           

As a consequence, people’s lives are injected with joy, fun, laughter and a deep richness.  




You will...

Have a clear picture

of the 'who' and the 'what' about YOUR purpose! So you can then breathe life into the enterprise of YOUR LIFE! Using your personal development, relationships, careers, businesses or social movements, we’ll complete our journey  with manifestation of your 'Breathing Enterprise'. Using principles of the biochemistry and physics of life, you’ll learn to build systems that are persistent, generative and are aligned with your Purpose.




instead of being run by an unconscious program!





What Others Are Saying....

Dr David Martin gave me the path and tools to claim back my life! And find my real purpose. His rare combination of wisdom, experience, generosity, patience, dedication to humanity and astonishing ability to communicate makes his consulting, teachings and courses potent and effective. Nothing I have experienced to date has come close to the insights I have gained about myself and the changes I have made by working with David and Kim and by attending their workshops. If you have an opportunity to work with them in any way - run, don’t walk, towards it. (Amanda Gore)

More life changing testimonials....


How shall I describe David Martin?  I might as well try to describe light.  I could relay all kinds of measurable characteristics – wavelength, intensity, speed - but you still wouldn’t understand what light does or touch upon its essence.  So let me try this.  David’s impact is like sunlight. Energy, heat and illumination, even of the ‘dark’ corners, so that more life is generated.  You won’t always be comfortable while journeying with David but this I promise you:  You will be more awake, alive and able to fully express your humanity in service to life, in a way that expresses your true essence. And finally, you will see that that light is about awakening the most essential of human qualities that David fully embodies – love. Sarah Hatcher.

Since 2005 I have had PTSD from my war service in Rwanda (1994-1995) where I was a peace keeper after the genocide. This came out of nowhere and struck me down with a lot of different mental problems like; sleepless or broken sleep nights (between 3-6hrs), waking up not knowing where i am, images that pop into my head at random times, mood swings, crying at nothing or things that have no bearing on me or my emotions, depression, and often suicidal thoughts. I have had four different Psychiatrists which have done little to help my problems. Since the course I have had a very clear mind, see things a lot better, can focus easier, the flash backs have subsided, the crying has also taken a back seat and best of all my sleep has gone from the 3-6hrs a night to between 7-9 mostly uninterrupted!                         

With much love and Respect, for ever grateful, Miles Wootten.

The Fully Live Workshop would have to be the most profound piece of learning I have EVER undertaken. By examining Natural Law and the actual process of transmuting light into matter, David allowed us to shine a light on how we as unique humans beings show up in this world and we relate to those around us.  This is not a 12 Step program. This is not a ‘pump you up’ and ‘fake it till you make it’ workshop. This is REAL. This allowed us to truly identify and honor who we are - both our ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects - and in doing so, empowered us to make conscious decisions about who we want to be. This truly is a step towards bringing humanity back to humans. Peter Jones

It feels like I just learned the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", if you don't know, that was the premise behind the 2005 movie Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Breathing Enterprise starts with gratitude, ends with gratitude and everything in between has blown my mind because it can apply to everything!  David's brilliance shined through the entire weekend as the enthusiastic facilitator of the workshop and Kim sparkled with key insights and clarity that has fueled my imagination since I left the weekend workshop.  I have already started applying 6D thinking to my life and the breathing enterprise technique.  Everyone at the workshop was mountain to mountain and there was space to safely explore any topic, and David used each opportunity to bring my thinking into 6th dimensional thinking.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, there is so much to explore and David's decades of experience is invaluable. Amanda

Next Fully Live Workshop - April 16 - 19th 2021!

What:  A 4 Day Intensive Workshop!

When: April 16th to 19th 2021 with a welcome dinner 15th April, 6pm-8pm.

Where:  Charlottesville, Virginia... in our home with us!

How Much:     $2750 USD or $4800 per couple & Payment plans available.

Yummy lunch & snacks lovingly cooked by Kim!!!


RSVP on the 'Home Page'. Choose the April Workshop.

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