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12 Senses Workshop!

"Fully Alive With ALL 12 Senses"!








Immersive.  Intrusive.  Evocative.  Sensual.  Alive.


It’s impossible to Fully Live without all your senses functioning.  For the last 8 thousand years, we’ve gradually given up our 12 senses and our ability to use them.  They’ve been exterminated with violence, hybridization, religion, social and political tyrants, “education”, and technology to make us more compliant and controllable.    It’s time to switch them back on and become fully powerful, intrepid humans incapable of domestication.  To fire up our lives and to discern and manifest our purpose, we have to get all of our brains switched on…and kept active. 


In a 4.5 day fully immersive workshop, join Dr. David Martin on a journey to reactivate all 12 senses and learn the power that comes from being Fully Alive.  In laboratories each day facilitated by the extraordinary artist and human potential spark plug Kim Martin, Qigong master Keith Coley, and Energetic master ninja Angel-Geschichte reactivate and re-engage to full capacity that was wired into your operating system at conception!  You’ll feel, sense, and experience life like you never knew it.  You’ll be pushed well past your comfort zone.  This is an ACTIVE, IMMERSIVE experience that will include thermal, sensory, and emotional extremes.  If you’re most comfortable on a couch in front of a screen, this is NOT YOUR WORKSHOP. 


Human neural anatomy recognizes that humans have 12 cranial nerves.  With the advent of the industrial revolution, our obsession in the sciences focused on a limited view of 5 consensus senses of the 12 that we possess – sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound.  Albeit begrudgingly, we give a modicum of assent to the notion of a sixth sense which is the unmeasured and unconsidered activity of the Vagus nerve.  Over the past 30 years, technological “developments” have sought to constrain these.  Sight has been reduced to the observable spectrum of visible light with the advent of fluorescence and engineered light emitting diodes failing to recognize the well-established physiological benefits of non-visible wavelengths from the sun and other light sources.  Crop and industrial food production have constrained variability in taste.  Social conventions, climate-controlled environments and industrial fibres have decreased the amplitude of sensory refinement. Packaging and chemical treatment of organic materials has constrained smell.  And electronics have attenuated everything from music to the human voice.  In short, in the virtual, digital march, we’ve constrained the amplitude of the already limited sensory capabilities we know we have.







Next Workshop To Be Announced!

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