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    European Parliament Presentation:

    The Gathering Storm.. When the Voice of Reason is Silenced...

    Listen live on Wednesday May 3rd 9am Brussels time:


     The Arlington Institute Transition Talks Bundle!

    1) '2027 BIG Financial Disruption' - Replay 2022 Event.

   2'A Deep Assessment of the Biggest Change in History:

   Making Our Way Through the Coming Year' - April 2023

   Click here to purchase one or both:

Recent Speeches, David.
Presentations & Videos

December 14th, 2022, podcast with “Man In America” Seth Holehouse . Casualty Effects from the C19 Jab: "The Somebody Else Is Actually Going to Be You"

"We have another problem," noted Dr. David Martin. Those who have had debilitating injuries from the jab are now going to need someone to take care of them. And that someone might just be you.

December 15, 2022 , Stew Peters: Dr. David Martin Reveals 2 DECADES Of C19 Patent CONSPIRACY! Citizen Grand Jury Trials COMING :


December 17, 2021 - I love Pete Evans and our conversations.  He reminds me of my favorite interviews with Mikki Willis, Patrick Gentempo, Cal Callahan, and Kyle Kingsbury.  Having never done the "podcast" thing, I find these conversations invaluable.


January 7, 2023 with Michael Lloyd-White 

Dr David Martin joins a range of diverse speakers to address the current issues facing educators and parents during the fabricated Culture Wars often covertly hidden by lack of public transparency. Presented on January 7th at the Inaugural Meet the Parents Event in Arlington Virginia US Army Association. David takes us on a deep dive on Standardized Testing and the outcome of a compliant populace lacking the ability to think critically, starts in schools.


Not an interview but we thought it was cute. Boulder January 26, 2023


A group compiled this post from a previous interview with evidence slides. February 5, 2023, The University of British Columbia Exposed; The Government of Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau have violated the laws of Canada by participating in a bioweapon’s treaty violation.

There is an active racketeering and criminal conspiracy actively harming the public that violates international statutes that might include...

Domestic Terror, Racketeering, Biological Warfare, Criminal Conspiracy, Bioweapon, Bioterrorism, Reckless Homicide , Willful Murder.


February 7th, 2023 Dr. David Martin ‘s Twitter space presentation hosted by Dr. Crisanna Shackleford was eloquent & exhilarating. Moderated Q&A Covid Prosecution  FOLLOW-UP.


March 3 , 2023 Three episodes on Twitter Spaces captured by RealReactions non profit headed by Dr. Crisanna Shackelford


March 3, 2023 Let’s put the “Lab Leak Debate to rest” with Plandemic Series producer Mikki Willis.


March 12, 2023 ; In 2003, James Kunstler and I met at PopTech in Camden Maine.  We just met again online to an amazing podcast. A conversation with Dr. David E Martin prosecuting Covid crimes.


 March 13, 2023 Dr. David Martin's interview: A recut of the London Real show... worth a revisit.

"March 28, 2019, the following sentence was written IN A patent application:  "Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of SARS Coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated."


March 14, 2023 Dr. David Martin : Anthrax Was a Plan to Pass the Prep Act — Which Was Used to Suspend Constitutional Protections.

"We talk about 9/11, but we don't talk about 9/28. And we should be talking about the anthrax scare because that's when the Department of Defense actually attacked the American people and killed American citizens with a bioweapon called anthrax," stated Dr. Martin.

He suspects anthrax was not a lone-wolf event but an inside job from the Department of Defense. Dr. Martin continues:

"Now, the fact is, and anybody looking at history knows that the anthrax outbreak was not an act of a lone wolf. It was a plan so that we could pass the Prep Act. And the Prep Act was necessary to essentially suspend constitutional protections when there was a bio emergency, which is what we've just lived through."


 THIS IS FANTASTIC! March 17 , 2023 : A great conversation with Kim Iverson: Its much worse than you think , Govt Corruption and the Creation of Covid

6 Lessons We Didn't Learn From Covid:



Stew Peters: Dr. David Martin SOUNDS The Alarm On CDC Crimes Against Humanity


September 21, 2022. Dr Jane Ruby, Health Freedom Movement and Controlled Opposition,

September 5th, 2022:  Cowboy Logic - Dr. David Martin returns to Cowboy Logic to discuss the role insurance underwriters played on September 10, 2001... You read that correctly; September 10, 2001... Shocking!

September 2nd, 2022 Church of Glad Tidings: "Consider HOW The Lillie's Grow"

August 2022 "Humanity Explored"   "Over the past several years, I’ve been fascinated to hear other people write and discuss who I am; what motivates me; what agenda I am advancing; if I’m human, alien or Illuminati. Rather than asking, most people string the pearls of the stories they think they know on the thread of their own illusion and fill in the blanks with guesses.

Thankfully, Doug has been willing to do what few others have attempted. He’s actually ASKED! What a delight. I’m grateful for the experience and look forward to sharing ME with YOU…in my own words." - David


June 20, 2022 Finding & Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose Summit

June 22, 2022 Greg Hunter of interviews Dr. David Martin, the top expert in the ongoing and unfolding CV19 vax genocide and litigation


July 8, 2022 Re-Awaken America Tour Virginia Beach, VA – Is there a Practical Path Forward?


July 9, 2022 Red Pill Expo, Indianapolis, IN - The Old Economic Order is Ending - But Who Will Create the New?


July 9, 2022 Vaccine Police Interview David Martin at Red Pill Expo


July 12, 2022 Integral Accounting Asset Management Course June/July Update


July 23, 2022 Arlington Institute Berkley Falls, VA - Big Financial Disruption (replay available through August)


Want to be inspired and surprised! ..

Let YOUR voice shine & fully LIVE! Check out my interview with Denby Jane!

"Introducing Kim Martin!....

In this soulful and candid conversation, you will get to see a side of Kim that is rarely seen, a side that I love and am sure will touch your heart as it has mine, and inspire your own dreams and missions.

As the saying goes, "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl", Kim is, and always will be an Aussie chick with a heart of gold, unafraid of speaking her truth, willing to go the distance in service to love, freedom and humanity, and of course, more than up for any challenge that may require her special brand of "Kim-ness"!

The world needs more Kim's".



Check out my FIRST BIG fat Stage Presentation AND have a giggle!

THE question everyone is asking.... Where to from here?

The answer IS Simple... Fully live!


BE the best version of YOU and help others

BE their best version…

ENJOY!!!! AND thank you for the amazing support & feedback. David & I are SO blessed to have a tribe like YOU ALL! !!




You Tube Davo.gif


Butterfly of The Week - Kim & David Martin

Butterfly of the Week, a weekly event where we go live on Facebook to break down and discuss a contemporary topic, with viewer participation greatly encouraged.

VERY popular!



Future Dreaming Image 1.png

Future Dreaming - Winner of 9 International Film Festival  Awards!

Future Dreaming is a remarkable documentary that will challenge the way you think about humanity. Filmed in Antarctica, Future Dreaming explores the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the Human Condition.

What’s missing in the modern world is not goals or values or good intentions. What’s missing is the ability to dream – to envision a world in which your dreams and your reality are one.

The conversation was started in Antarctica but continues today…


Lizards Eat Butterflies - David Martin

Lizards Book 2.jpg

Illustrated by Kim Martin!!


Lizards Eat Butterflies:

An Antidote to the "Self-help" Addiction unveils David's deepest passion about how we're living on this planet and how we could do so much more to improve our experience with a shift in perspective. In a triumph of cutting-edge science, social commentary and deeply  personal life experiences, he shows us that, with an alteration in perspective, that which stands in the way of our humanity is an illusion that can be eradicated.

Far from being a 12-step program  - this is the Un -program in 12 sections - deconstructing the myths that trap us into victimhood, isolation and futility.

Having traveled the world for three decades of work and with the world-wide film success of Future Dreaming along with many lectures and workshops, he weaves the narrative of this book to create a tapestry of provoking, thoughtful and considered reexaminations of our dominant myths and perspective impairments.


Lizards is a practical conversation starter to defuse the explosive challenges of inadequacy, indifference and apathy.

"Do Not unto, but with others. As elegantly as possible - not to someone else's standard" 

Lizards Eat Butterflies transforms the way you look at the world. I learned to consider more and judge less. It re-framed many of my beliefs. It enabled me to actually fully live. I am deeply grateful for this guide back to our humanity.

- Amanda Gore, globally renown public speaker.

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