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American R/Evolution

In American R/Evolution, David tells the story of the financial and commercial history of the United States. He revisits the vision for America that was postulated by Thomas Jefferson, and explains where this vision was derailed. The film delivers a message that challenges existing paradigms and inspires viewers to engage their communities in a greater capacity. Our financial history is a subject typically distorted beyond comprehension. But through the film, Dr. David Martin narrates it in a way that is approachable, entertaining, and utterly mind-blowing for people of all walks of life.             

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American R/Evolution Screening Options
This film is available for screenings at gatherings and community events.  Because of its content, we want to make sure that people view this in settings where they are present with others for community support and conversation. 
To request a screening, please e-mail

Home viewing parties (up to 20 people) - $250

Group viewing parties (up to 100 people) - $2500

Group viewing with 1 hour post-event Zoom Q&A with Dr. Martin - $5000*

In-person event with Dr. Martin (subject to availability) - $10,000* (plus expenses)

*For events over 300 people, a revenue sharing rate can be negotiated.
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