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Welcome to Fully Live!

Experience Fully Living with David & Kim Martin...


David and Kim Martin Fully Live!  Using tools developed from over 3 decades of experience with corporations, governments, and individuals, they now share their wisdom on how to be authentically you.  In what is referred to as "the antidote to self-help", David and Kim's workshops are uniquely designed to give you the tools to navigate your purpose in the world without dependency on belief, programs, or experts.  This is about getting you to see that all you ever "needed" is greeting you in the mirror every day.  Our programs are designed to build humanity - not dependency.  

In our workshops, we teach how to engage models designed by nature to see how life synthesizes and supports itself. Using first order principles of light, magnetism, and life, we learn how to engage ALL the power of the Universe in every dimension of living. Part laboratory, part discussion, and part deep examination, we will unravel the questions that distract you from accessing and engaging your life’s true purpose and give you the tools to activate your essence. 

Through tangible experience, you’ll understand consciousness as the activation of Source memory. Think you have 5 senses? Think again. You’ll begin your journey through 12 and beyond. Decipher your essence in a journey through the chemistry of carbon. Experience the mysteries of relationships through the quantum of glucose forged in photosynthesis. Comprehend life force through the portals of lightning.


Discard the stories that have enslaved you to the illusions of others and reclaim your life. This sounds very scientific and although based in hard science the course is practical and full of skills you can immediately implement.




What Others Are Saying......

The presence and love Kim & David have for each other and humanity is palpable. 

It's their love and truth magnetizing out into the field that attracts people who are persistent and generative enough to intuitively know that being present at a FULLY LIVE or Breathing Enterprise Workshop will make the world a better place.  David's insight, wisdom, and transmission of subject matter is superb.  Add Kim's love, courage, and desire for what else is possible for humanity and a new canvas is created each and every moment of existence during their workshop. Thank you David and Kim for being fully, authentically, and uniquely you. I sense, we created a beautiful thread in the universe by living FULLY.



You will be given tools to help yourself and others, in all aspects of life:

business, career, relationships, money, etc. 


There is one call to action: remembering who you are, so be prepared to

become a catalyst, a spark, and light up the world. 

Are YOU ready to Fully Live?

Who is David Martin?


Dr. David Martin knows who he is.  And he’s here to show others how to remember what it means to put

humanity into the human experience.  Over the past 5 decades he’s fully lived and has done so in service

to humanity.  Unlike many who build an identity around accomplishments, he uses his actions to show

others the vast extremes of possibility.

David creates real transformation from the inside out, he shows and teaches people how to be the difference

that makes the difference. David’s secret of success globally is ‘The Wobble Effect’. The problem we see

superficially is not the problem.

He shows us how to identify the real issues and access our innate wisdom.

We change from the inside out, to do everything differently; look at everything differently and bring humanity

back into work and humans so we can fully live.

Dr. David Martin has transformed business, governments and personal relationships for over 3 decades in

over 120 countries by introducing wobbles.  By discerning the ‘center of mass’ of the systems that need

transformation and introducing a subtle shift in the middle, he’s changed the transformation game.  

You – that’s right, one person – can make a difference.  

Learn from the wobble ninja the secrets of transformation from the inside out.

David B& W wedding.jpg

Who is Kim Martin?

SO… what does Kim do?! Well - that depends on the day and what ‘Kimness’ is required!

But if you could sum it all up, she fully lives and help others do the same…. and decorates the world & the

people in it as she goes!

For as long as Kim can remember, she has been insatiably curious about human potential and what is possible.

Oh, this lights her up people! 

She doesn't (and never will) fit into a conventional box.​  Kim is a very experienced Registered Nurse and

created one of the most successful nurse consultancy companies in Australia, specializing in health

assessments, wellness and health promotion programs. Most of all, Kim and her nurses made many a patient’s

heart sing with their visits because they cared and the patient's knew it and felt it.

Kim is an an expert in Human Behavior and Emotional Health, studying this all over the world and runs deeply transformational workshops with her AMAZING husband David Martin where they take ‘Know Thyself’ to a

whole new level.           

To be and feel FULLY ALIVE, you need to be FULLY YOU in every dimension of that and let go of all that is

not your essence.  You need to live and speak your truth! That is a principle that Kim lives by and truly inspires

others by.

Kim Sword.jpeg
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